Library survey 2013: you said, we did!

Recently, the library ran a survey to see what people think about the service we offer. 118 staff and students completed it, and a range of opinions and ideas were collected. Comments which appeared several times are outlined below, along with the library’s response (see also Library Survey 2012-2013 – Results):

You said, we did:

‘Longer time on computers.’
Computers were bookable in one hour slots using MyPC software. We have now increased this and computers are bookable in two hours slots.

‘More computers to enable more access.’
5 additional computers have been allocated for the library in Nuneaton. Hopefully these will be transferred during the May half term break.

‘Sometimes the computers are slow at logging in. Can they be made faster?’
E-Services has informed us that the college network has the infrastructure to be upgraded in stages, and this will be carried out over the next 3 years. This will help improve network speeds across site.

‘Can Photoshop be installed on library computers?’
Additional software licenses would need to be purchased for library computers. We may look into this if demand remains and future funds allow.

• ‘Can the library have another printer? There are often queues.’
An additional copier will be positioned in Nuneaton library during the May half term break. The new copier will have advanced finishing options such as stapling etc. There are currently no plans to add an additional copier at Hinckley as there is already one copier per floor at the campus.

‘Talking (student disruption) when trying to study.’
The eduLab room is available as a silent study space (or a group study space). In order to raise awareness, we have positioned a portable display board next to the eduLab door to remind people it is available for student use. Alternatively, there are single study desks positioned under the windows along the far side of the library. These desks are behind the shelves, which is a quieter area compared to the rest of the library.

‘Need a bigger variety of books.’
The library currently has approximately 25,000 books. We now record every enquiry we are unable to satisfy at the enquiry desk. If we do not have books on the topic you need, we will look at the possibility of purchasing some. Alternatively, please feel free at any time to suggest particular titles you think would be useful for your studies.

What you thought was good:

‘Staff are very helpful and friendly.’
This appeared more often than any other comment in the survey results; a third of respondents said the staff were the best thing about the library. We are pleased library users find the staff helpful and friendly. We strive to provide an approachable yet professional service at all times.

Along with laptops, the iPads are our most borrowed resource. In order to keep up with demand, we have recently purchased another 6 iPads. (In total there are now 6 x iPad 2 and 6 x iPad Mini.)

‘Open in the evenings when it is more quiet.’
We are pleased the library opening times meet peoples’ needs. The library is open every evening Monday-Thursday during term time. Fewer people use the library during the evenings, making it ideal for people who wish to study in silence. Unfortunately, we are unable to provide an evening service on Fridays, but have recently extended the library opening hours on Fridays until 4.30pm.

‘Good books to read.’
As well as fiction, people commented on the library’s graphic novel collection too. Although academic texts are our priority, we understand the importance of reading for pleasure and routinely add new titles to the fiction collection. We are also currently considering substantially extending the graphic novels collection.

As a thank you for completing the survey, three names have been pulled from a hat. Congratulations to the following people who have each won a £15 iTunes giftcard:
Gabrielle Bird
Kayla Knox
Amy Walton


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