Gift tree

Gift Tree

If you’ve visited Nuneaton Campus Library recently you’ll no doubt have spotted our special Christmas tree. The handmade decorations are a sustainable example of how to upcycle an old book (in this case, a 1975 copy of The Gamekeeper by Barry Hines).

We’re aiming to put together a hamper of much needed items (food, washing powder etc) for College students who use Glebe House. If you’d like to take part, choose a decoration from the tree and donate the item printed on it. Donations can be left in the hamper basket underneath the tree. The decorations can then be kept to add to your own tree.

We will be collecting until 13th December so donations can get to Glebe House before the end of term. The Library is open between 8.30am-8.00pm Mon-Thurs and 8.30am-4.30pm Fridays.

Thank you for your support and Merry Christmas.


2 thoughts on “Gift tree

    • Glad you like it – we were happy to help Glebe House and also the decorations were fun to make!

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