First results of the library user survey 2014

Thank you to all who responded to an invitation to take part in the annual library user survey last month. The main chunk of the data is still being analysed, but the first results can be shared already – the questions we share with other FE colleges which are members of the Council for Learning Resources in Colleges. These three questions allow us to benchmark our library performance against similar libraries in Britain.

(And just in case you’re wandering about prizes… the names of the lucky winners will be announced next week.)

As in recent years, about 90% of the library users say the library is very much or partly helps them with their courses. This is in line with the average figures for other college libraries in Britain.

Less favourably, our users perceive the support they receive from library staff for their college work. Just under 81% say this support is very or quite useful. It is worth noting, however, that the survey was open to support staff too; being focused on supporting teaching and learning, the library doesn’t explicitely aim to address the needs of our collegues from support departments. We hope to see the clues for improving the service in the further comments in the survey which are about being analysed and published soon.

On the whole, these results are encouraging taking into account the budget pressures and the notably increased expectations and needs of our learners as many of them feel they cannot  afford learning resources themselves anymore and have to rely on the library and tutors to provide even the core textbooks and course materials.

More survey results to follow.


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