Library user survey 2014: best things about library

In our recent survey we asked staff and students what were the best things about the college library. Here is a snapshot of your responses:

  • A community feel to it (Member of support staff, Nuneaton)
  • The availability of a suitable workspace for me to plug in my own equipment (Student, Access to HE, Nuneaton)
  • ClickView very useful (Member of teaching staff, Nuneaton)
  • Getting all my studies and coursework completed on time and there is always a computer spare (Student, Hairdressing, Nuneaton)
  • Friendly staff, non term-time opening (Student, Access to HE, Nuneaton)
  • Good selection of books for research topics (Student, Performing Arts, Hinckley)
  • Back issues of various journals and daily newspapers (Student, Access to HE, Nuneaton)
  • Late opening hours in the week (Student, Access to HE, Nuneaton)
  • Quiet space to sit and work (Student, Photography, Hinckley)
  • The variety of books on fashion, which I can use within my course (Student, Fashion, Hinckley)
  • Having a wide variety of resources to find information at a good substantial level. Also being able to borrow items like magazines for techniques on Guitar can help music students improve playing (Student, Pop music, Hinckley)
  • Can transfer books from one site to another within 24 hours (Student, Travel & Tourism, Atherstone)
  • Access to industry magazines (Student, Travel & tourism, Atherstone)
  • Can enter at any time to do work or just to chill, it is welcoming in there (Student, Journalism, Hinckley)
  • The Library helps us loads with our assignments (Student, Travel & tourism, Atherstone)
  • Being able to do work without being disturbed (Student, Engineering, Nuneaton)
  • iPads (Student, Engineering, Nuneaton)
  • The computers are quick, with good-sized monitors. Books are easy to find; well signed (Student, Access to HE, Nuneaton)
  • I can concentrate when I put the headphones I borrow in (Student, Sport, Nuneaton)
  • It’s quite a nice environment to do work in. Nice and chilled (Student, Childcare, Nuneaton)
  • Amount of PCs; lots of light; sofas for reading quietly; good selection of books and magazines (Student, Photography, Hinckley)

It is great to see that our users appreciate every aspect the college library aims to develop: comprehensive learning resources provision, space and IT facilities for learning, and on-the-spot support from staff. In comparison to previous years, our users have started placing more emphasis on the availability and comfort of the learning space and easy access to resources in a variety of formats.

Your suggestions as to how the library should be improved will be published too; come back later this week.


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