Library user survey 2014: suggestions from staff

In our recent survey we asked staff and students how the college library could be improved. This is a comprehensive list of suggestions from staff members:

  • More books (Arts, Hinckley)
  • New windows it can be cold sitting next to the windows facing the staff car park (Childcare, Nuneaton)
  • Magazine selection for the public services (Public services, Nuneaton)
  • Have more computers (Computing, Nuneaton)
  • Larger book budget more accessible materials (Law, Nuneaton)
  • More IT equipment both in the library and for use in classrooms (Health & social care, Nuneaton)
  • A quiet study area (Sociology, Nuneaton)
  • A bigger variety of newspapers (Foundation learning, Nuneaton)
  • More subject books (Arts, Hinckley)
  • More computers (Support staff, Nuneaton)
  • More computers (Teaching assistant, Nuneaton)
  • Include self-help books (Support staff, Nuneaton)
  • More IT equipment (Health & social care, Nuneaton)
  • More computers (Sport, Nuneaton)
  • More books relevant to courses (Teaching Assistant, Nuneaton)
  • Maybe create a ‘secret shopper’ type evaluation procedure so you can monitor staff customer service (Support staff, Nuneaton)
  • More Level 2 resources; quite a lot of L3, less L2 (Health & Social Care, Nuneaton)
  • Deliver equipment loans to departments/classrooms (Public services, Nuneaton)
  • Wider selection of books (Arts, Hinckley)
  • More books (Arts, Hinckley)
  • Coffee shop (Support staff, Nuneaton)
  • More books on our degree (Youth work, Atherstone)
  • More PCs, also some should have AUTOCAD on them. More Laptops should be available (Engineering, Nuneaton)
  • [Longer] opening hours at Atherstone (Travel & tourism, Atherstone)
  • More computers/laptops available for student use (Childcare, Nuneaton)
  • Students to work quieter (Motorvehicle, Nuneaton)
  • Less noisy and more computers (Childcare, Nuneaton)
  • Obtain some Landranger (large scale) maps which include very detailed information essential for campers wants for walkers (Support staff, Nuneaton)

From your responces, we see that teaching staff in Hinckley want more resources, specifically – books, for their Arts programmes. In May or June, we will organise drop-in sessions for teaching staff in Hinckley to clarify their requirements for the next academic year.

A large number of suggestions refer to better provision of IT equipment, both for staff and students. This is beyond an immediate competence of the library, however, we will communicate this to our collegues and managers who may support such developments in the near future. We have already started working on making more space for desktop PCs and laptop-friendly places available. Some changes may already take place over the Easter break this year.

We will reflect on your suggestions to improve the environment, specifically – temperature, noise and the quiet study areas provision. While we believe we are doing our best to sustain an environment conducive to learning, there may be more solutions if we collaborate with other departments in the college, e.g. Estates. This will be explored in the near future.

We will aim to taylor our opening hours in Atherstone to the courses run there, subject to the staff hours availability.

We will also explore a possibility of developing a self-help book collection (a fair number of titles are already available, though they may be located in various sections – business, psychology, counselling, biographies & Sorted!) and updating the maps collection in the next budget year.

We will come back to all the members of staff who left specific suggestions to clarify them, ask for advice and report on the progress; implementation of some changes may take months, however, so please be patient.

Thank you for all your suggestions and constructive criticism!


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