Library user survey 2014: suggestions from students

In our recent survey we asked staff and students how the college library could be improved. As always, students were our strictest users. There have been a lot of comments and suggestions made – over 100. Here is their representative digest:


  • Journalism and photography students want Apple Mac computers and access to Photoshop, and generally better access to PCs
    (Library: We will raise this with our IT colleagues)
  • Noise is the most common comment from the students in Hinckley: “Sometimes the volume of some groups gets too loud and causes it hard to work.”
    (Library: We will discuss this at the library team meeting and invite the Estates colleagues help in adjusting the facilities to make the library space more in line with your expectations)
  • Missing books replaced – requested by a photography student
    (Library: We will review all the missing photography titles and discuss with tutors the need of replacing them)


  • FD Youth Work want more copies of books on their reading list
    (Library: We will approach the tutors immidiate to clarify the requirements for the summer term)
  • Travel & Tourism students – longer opening hours and more up-to-date book stock
    (Library: We will discuss this with the tutors teaching on those courses and purchase resources immediately if recommended. We will aim to taylor our opening hours in Atherstone to the courses run there, subject to the staff hours availability.)


  • Engineering students want more computers and bean bags
    (Library: We will aim to get some bean bags for the next academic year; regarding access to PCs, please see a separate comment further down)
  • Midland Studio College students want to access to the library
    (Library: We will approach headteachers to clarify the requirements the students have)
  • “So far as I have experienced it seems to be a limited selection of books, at least in the form of physical copies. This is only in reference to recreational books, not course-related books”
    (Library: Time to time, we are criticised for having a comparatively small selection of reads for pleasure and movie DVDs; the college library’s main focus is supporting teaching and learning, therefore most of the resources we offer relate directly to the programmes taught in the college. However, the library purchases new fiction of various kinds and records films from TV channels. Don’t hesitate to request specific titles; often, we will be able to add them to the collection.)
  • “Have more computers as it is always full”
    (Library: This is your most common criticism. we will discuss it with our IT colleagues; while we expect a few more computers in the near future, we will also aim to make the library a space particularly friendly for students to use their own devices; for that, we will consult our Estates colleagues and specialists from other institutions)
  • Social Studies students: more books on the reading list
    (Library: Your reading list is a very special case – many titles are now out of print. Where possible, we will source additional second-hand copies, however please advise us what titles is needed most of all – we will be able to prioritise them)
  • “Noise!! and conversations of other students. Early morning is lovely but later there can be a lot of noise and inappropriate language/conversations from some students at certain times”
    (Library: True, the noise can be uncomfortable sometimes. Partly, the problem is that what is acceptable for one person, is unbearable for others. As a rule, library staff challenge excessive noise. Please let us know if you feel we should intervene. You can use individual study places set aside along the windows in Nuneaton and the bookable eduLab. We will also consult our Estates colleagues what else can be done. Regarding the bad language, the library staff will challenge it if heard or reported. Don’t hesitate to challenge it, as well as excessive noise, yourself too – most of them will accept your request immediately.)
  • Sport students want access to Sport Discus and other research journals
    (Library: This is a very valid comment. We have looked into the possibility of subscribing to SPORTDiscus, however its cost was well above what the library budget might sustain right now. We will report your request to the head of the curriculum area and our own managers, as well as look into the alternatives.)

Thank you for all your suggestions and constructive criticism!


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