Reserving Items Online

How to reserve Library items online

1 – Go to the Library catalogue and login with your student/staff ID.

2- Type in the title of what you wish to reserve in the search bar.

3- Click on the item you wish to reserve. At the bottom of it’s individual page (as shown below) you will see a reserve button simply click on it .

reserve 1

4-  The screen below will then appear. Tick the box next to which site you wish to collect your reserved items from and then click ok.

Reserve 2

5- You will then see the screen below telling you your reservation has been placed. Click continue to return to your account.

Reserve 6

6- If at a later stage you wish to cancel your reservation simply click on your name, click on the reserved button, tick the box next to the reserved item you wish to cancel (as shown below) and click cancel. The reservation will then be cancelled and will no longer show on your account.

Reserve 5

If you have any problems please come and see Library staff, contact the Library on 02476 243 263 or email us at (Library opening hours only).




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