Summer Opening Hours 2018

A reminder that Nuneaton Campus Library is open all summer!



Nuneaton Library Closed 8:45am-1pm on Staff Development Day

Please note that due to a team meeting, Nuneaton Campus Library will be closed between 8:45am-1pm on Monday 8 January (Staff Development Day)

Online catalogue arrives at Hinckley Library

Hinckley online catalogueSearching for Library resources just got easier! A new online catalogue kiosk has been set up in Hinckley Library, this is similar to the ones used at the Nuneaton campus.

Students and staff can search for books, e-books, DVDs, journals, magazines and ClickView videos. You can also use it to access MyPC to pre-book a computer, which can be done on the day or a few days in advance. If you need any help using the catalogue or would like more information, just speak to a member of staff.

Turning text to audio

Continuing with the series of posts on accessibility solutions in the library, lets look at Dspeech.

Dspeech translates anything written into audio. It works with anything, be it an email or an essay.

How to use Dspeech

Go to Start.

Then click on All Programs.

Then click on Access Apps.

Once that’s open, click on Reading and Writing Support. Double click on that and this screen will appear.

Dspeech picThere should be an image of a person in the box on the right hand side. If not, just click on show character and one will appear.

Type your text (long or short) into the main box.

Then click on Speak. You also have the option of pausing or playing back your text from a particular point. The buttons for these are clearly marked below the main box. You can also record your own dialogue from a microphone and then hear the playback.

Please note that you will need headphones when using this in the library, so as not to disturb other users.

Also Dspeech is set for the English language. If you set to another language you may lose accuracy in the translation.

If you need any help, please ask a member of staff.

If you struggle to read black text on white computer screen

Continuing with the series of posts on accessibility solutions in the library, let’s have a look at RapidSet.

RapidSet is really easy to use; it helps those who find the usual white background and black font difficult to read.

To open this, click on Start.

  • Then go to All Programs
  • Go to Access Apps – an ‘AA’ icon will appear in the right hand side  of the start bar. Click this to open the programe.
  • Click on Reading and Writing Support.
  • Select RapidSet change font/background. Once this is done you will see this screen:


  • You can change the background or font colour by selecting the ‘Select Background Colour’ or ‘Select Font Colour’ buttons and then clicking on ‘Apply’.
  • To change the colours back to Windows default settings, simply repeat the process and select the original background and font colours.

If you need any help with this, please ask a member of staff.

Irlen support app on library computers

Library computers photoOver the next few weeks, we will be writing a series of blog posts looking at what software is on library PCs to help students with special needs. All the library computers have Access Apps, a programme containing different accessibility tools.

We start with what’s available for those with Irlen Syndrome.

Irlen’s is a condition where people’s brains can’t process light, this means that they may see visual distortions in the environment and on the page.

To make computer use easier, coloured overlays on screen may be applied. To get this follow these steps:

Click on Start

  • Go to All Programs
  • Go to Access Apps – an ‘AA’ icon will appear in the right hand side  of the start bar. Click this to open the programe. Then click on Reading and Writing Support.
  • Then select overlay – when this is done an orange arrow will appear in the right hand side of the start bar. Right-click Settings to select screen colour and  transparency. Please note you must alter both settings for the change to take effect on screen.
  • The colour change can be turned off by right clicking the orange arrow and selecting exit.

If you need any help please ask a member of staff.

Keep checking the blog, we’ll be looking at some more apps soon!

Secondhand bookshop

photoTurn your books into cash!

The library has set up a second-hand bookshop.

Q. What type of books do you sell?
A. Textbooks for courses taught at the college.

Q. What condition do the books have to be in?
A. In very good condition: pages are intact and not marked by notes or highlighting

Q. Do I get my money straight away?
A. We will take the book for three months. Once the book is sold, we will contact you for your bank details to transfer the money to you.

Survey of Photocopying and Scanning

CLA Survey posterStarting 15 April, for the following six weeks the Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA) will carry out its survey of photocopying and scanning of the licenced materials in our college.

This will involve only staff, not learners. You will see yellow boxes next to all MFDs in public areas; they will remind you of the survey.

CLA Survey – why?
This is a routine event happening once every few years. It allows the CLA to determine the correct amount it pays the authors of books and magazines we use as part of our professional duties. The college pays an annual licence fee to CLA; in return staff and students are allowed to scan and photocopy from books and magazines without the prior publishers’ permission (within certain parameters).

For more on the CLA licence, see

What to do?
You will see yellow boxes next to all MFDs (which we normally call printers or photocopiers).

There will be posters and leaflets explaining what to do when we:

  • copy or scan
  • from books or magazines
  • but not from newspapers or other types of publications.

We will be asked to:

  • scan the barcode on the book back cover or
  • magazine title
  • attach a sticker provided
  • fill few details in
  • drop the sheet into the yellow box.

Need help or want to know more?
The survey is co-ordinated by the Library and Reprographics. Please invite us to visit your team meetings with a quick demonstration and Q&As.
Contacts Library:, ext. 3263 (Nuneaton), 3705 (Hinckley).
Contact Reprographics:, ext. 3151.