Library Champions 2014 – the winners are revealed

The library has launched an exciting new initiative called Library Champions. These annual accolades highlight good practise by celebrating members of the college community who make excellent use of the library. As the Library supports teaching and learning in various ways, there are three categories of Library Champion. Each winner will receive a letter of congratulations, certificate and pin badge.

The college Library is proud to announce…

The Library Champions 2014 are announced

The Library Champions 2014 are announced


Library Champions 2014

Monday 12th May sees the unveiling of the very first Library Champions! This is an exciting new venture where we celebrate people who make the best use of the college library. This year’s categories are:

  • Clicked & Viewed (celebrating staff and learners who use ClickView – request programmes, view programmes as part of the teaching and learing process)
  • Page Turner (celebrating staff and learners who regularly borrow library books – a diverse variety of topics, read around the subject, explore reading lists)
  • Ebooker (celebrating staff and learners who make frequent use of ebooks – embed into Moodle, download to devices, explore accessibility options)

Do you use  any of these tools for learning?
Could you be one of the Library Champions 2014?
Winners will soon be revealed..!


iPads in the College Library

Kelly Coles using an iPad during her career advice session

Kelly Coles using an iPad during her career advice session

Last spring, the college library, supported by the College’s innovation fund, started a project of introducing tablet devices for supporting classroom-based and independent learning in the college.

Tablets are a new kind of technology and it is not yet clear what are the best ways of using them in education. The purpose of the project is to learn what tutors and learners will do with the tablets; then evaluate their appropriateness for teaching and learning, as well as to identify the barriers and problems related to their use.

The six iPads purchased for the project have become the most used resource offered by the library. Within the first two months alone they had been borrowed 170 times, with 85% of overall loans by students and 15% by tutors.

The iPads are mostly used in classrooms for research where learning involves a lot of interaction and change of activities. For example, Performing Arts students very quickly switched from laptops to iPads for use in their studio. Students have been using tablets for taking photos, making videos, editing photo and video content, and taking interviews for their research
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Sharing good practice: iPads in the classroom

Teaching Assistant Joanne Frew used an iPad from the Library to record hairdressing students’ classroom work demonstrations. The videos were then uploaded onto Dropbox – a secure website which allows storing and sharing documents in various formats.

Now students will have 24/7 easy acces to their videos to play as and when they need to.

If you want to use an iPad for teaching and learning, please come to the library.

Sharing good practice: adverts on ClickView

When tutor Suzanne Sharples wanted to use ILT to engage her Foundation Learners, she found an innovative way of using ClickView videos in her lesson. Students chose their favourite TV adverts to watch and share with the group and afterwards discussed their relative merits.

All College staff and students can have 24/7 easy access to online digital video materials. If you want to use ClickView for teaching and learning, please ask library staff.



Sharing good practice

When tutor Claire Schofield needed material about prevention and control of infections for her health and social care course, nothing was found in printed books.  Library staff helped Claire to find a relevant chapter in an e-book, print it out and upload onto Moodle.

Her students will have 24/7 easy access to digital learning materials.  If you want to use e-books for teaching and learning, please ask library staff.

Students’ Work Published

 The final year students on the 2+2 Early Childhood studies programme have just published their research on ICT and Children. Tutor Lin Armstrong and college librarian Ihar Ivanou conciveved the idea of publishing a book of students’ work as an apt conclusion to the research  project carried out by the students.

Initally the project was to develop the student’s research skills and for many students this was the first experience of researching and writing on topics of acadmic interest. As the resulting research papers were so good it seemed only natural to take the project full circle and publish the papers as an exmple of emergent writing.

The book was produced through self publishing using the platform It is available for loan from the library and can be purchased from here.

A book by a former College collegue

During her time as a hairdressing tutor at our College, Bhavna Champaneri put together a book On Trend: A Guide on Hair Up Do’s.  It features many original hair styles developed by Bhavna. The book was launched nationally few months ago, presented on BBC Leicester and creatively marketed on social networks. It is now available from the College Library.

More books by College tutors

Books by Members of Staff

A number of members of the College staff have written or contributed to books. Here are some of them:

Stephen Johnson, a teacher of sociology, has contributed to Teaching Thinking Skills, now in its second edition.

James Cunliffe, a teacher of photography, has had his series of photographs published in the Alaska photo almanach.

Ihar Ivanou, College Librarian, has published his MA dissertation, Baltic and Slavonic libraries in Britain: their place in developing group identity and the life of emigre communities.

Also Lin Armstrong, a teacher of Early Years, has published her MA dissertation, Dyslexia awareness in a college of further education, last year.

Ian Wynd from our College and his colleague, Steve Dawkins, of Coventry University, have written a textbook Video Production: Putting Theory into Practice. The launch of the book took place in the College library last July.