Library Videos

Watch these videos (best viewed in full screen) to learn all about our Library.

Find out about the Library service. How to access and search the Library catalogue, reserve, renew and cancel items on your account . How to reserve Library computers. Learn about ClickView.

Library Welcome Video

How to access and search the catalogue.

See how to search and look around the catalogue. Log in to the catalogue and have a go yourself, and if you need any help please ask Library staff.


How to search and reserve items. 

See how to cancel reserved items too.


How to search and reserve items on loan.

When the item you’ve reserved becomes available, Library staff will phone or email you to say it’s ready to collect.


How to book Library computers.

Sign in with your student/staff username and password. You can reserve computers at any of our three sites.



How to renew your loans.

If the system won’t let you renew due to overdue charges or glitches; please come and speak to Library staff, ring us or send an email.



More videos are on the way. Check back later to see what’s new!