Community users & access to other libraries

1. Community users
The college library welcomes users from the local community who are not learners or members of staff at the college. Community users may use any of three library sites – for borrowing up to two printed publications (search the library catalogue) at the same time. Please note that we are unable to offer external users access to electronic resources because of licensing restrictions, nor PCs or learning space – due to safeguarding requirements. To join the library, please bring a photo ID with you and get a guest pass from the college reception.

2. Colleges – University of Leicester Network: staff and learners from our college can use the University of Leicester library. Academic staff can borrow resources; students can use the University library for reference purposes free of charge. For details, please see the entries for C-ULN members.

3. SCONUL Access – a system for university students and staff. It allows borrowing library resources from other HE institutions. Our College Library is not a member of SCONUL Access scheme. HE students should enquire at their university libraries.