Recording from TV (ERA)

Other licences
Recording Audio and Video Broadcasts for Educational Use (ERA/ERA+)

ERA/ERA+ licence allows our college recordings of broadcasts to be made for non-commercial educational use. It covers free to air broadcasts (i.e. programmes) recorded from BBC TV and radio, ITV, Channel Four, E4, Five television and S4C. Members of staff may record programmes on-site or at home. These recordings can be stored and copied on DVDs or any other media, as well as on Moodle and ClickView. The recordings can be borrowed by and streamed on-campus and outside the college to the current UK-based staff and learners.

Programme material must be used as it has been broadcast – editing of material is not permitted. Showing fragments of the recordings is allowed.

A typical example of the ERA-licenced use of learning resources is ClickView – the college’s repository of TV and video content for teaching and learning.

More about ERA/ERA+.