Equality and Diversity – Protected Characteristics

Equality And Diversity

The college library has resources covering all of the equality and diversity protected characteristics. It also stocks resources on employment law, paper and online version of Issues Online.

Resources on equality | Resources on diversity

An ageing population
Ageing and the elderly
Unequal ageing: the untold story of exclusion in old age
Ageism issues – search for all resources

Disability; the social, political and ethical debate
Living with disability
Coping with disability
Disability and equality – search for all resources

Gender reassignment
The transgender child: a handbook for families & professionals
Unfolding lives: youth, gender and change
The full spectrum: a new generation of writing about gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, questioning, and other identities
Transgender issues – search for all resources

Marriage and civil partnership
Marriage and cohabitation
For better for worse : British marriages 1660 to the present
Sexual orientation and society
Civil partnerships – search for all resources

Pregnancy and maternity
Work and families
Gender, health and healing: the public/private divide
Employment law – search for all resources

Racial discrimination
Racial and ethical discrimination
Racism – search for all resources

Religion or belief
Religions and beliefs in Britain
Religion in society
Religion – search for all resources

Women, education, employment and gender-discrimination
The gender gap
Women, men and equality
Women and society – search for all resources

Sexual orientation
Sexual orientation and society
LGBT equality
Lesbian and gay – search for all resources

Clickview: online media player which has a College produced video about E & D, as well as many other topics.


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