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You can see previous NWHC Fashion Shows and other streamed videos on Clickview, the library’s media player.

Also helpful:
University of Bedfordshire – Fashion resources online
Kemal Forrester – A fashion blog & website based upon the core principles of fashion. Industry knowledge, experience, exclusive tips and insider access to the fashion industry and its resources.
Fashion Illustration Tribe – Ran by Laura Volpintesta; online fashion art, drawing and portfolio home study courses that offer an alternative to expensive, university programs and  embraces sustainability, diversity and inclusion, integrity, honesty, and small business models.
Fashion Photography Blog – The #1 online educational resource for fashion photographers in the world and the destination when searching for coveted information about the highly guarded fashion photography world.

Study Help
We recommend visiting these websites:
Google Scholar – allows you to search peer-reviewed journal articles in your subject
Google Books– allows you to search their online book collection and read available chapters.

Referencing guide and bookable referencing sessions with library staff.