Books and more:

For more use the Library online catalogue or ask a member of staff.



Streamed videos on Clickview, the library’s media player.

Also helpful:
Kayak Online Marketing – KAYAK is a leading provider of beautifully designed, optimized lead capture websites. Our unique approach to website design and content marketing incorporates advanced search optimization strategies and social strategy that attract and convert qualified leads.
Kissmetrics Blog – 44 Must Read Resources on Content Marketing. A BLOG ABOUT ANALYTICS, MARKETING AND TESTING.
Library.Hubspot – A comprensive list of Hubspot’s marketing content, in one place
Impact BND – Browse our extensive library of inbound marketing resources.

Study Help
We recommend visiting these websites:
Google Scholar – allows you to search peer-reviewed journal articles in your subject
Google Books – allows you to search their online book collection and read available chapters.

Referencing guide and bookable referencing sessions with library staff.