Sorted! – self-help resources

Sorted! LogoThe Sorted! collection at both Nuneaton and Hinckley College Library sites is a collection of self-help guides for young people. It covers subjects that can affect anyone, but especially young people, includuing autism, bereavement, depression and self-harm.

Books are based on the following topics:

more from the library
A volcano in my tummy
Starving the anger gremlin
more from the library
The huge bag of worries
more from the library
Autism and me
Asperger Syndrome
more from the library
Freaks, geeks and Asperger Syndrome: a user guide to adolescence
more from the library
Finding a way through when someone close has died
Sad book
more from the library
How to handle bullies, teasers and other meanies
more from the library
I had a Black Dog
Sod It! The depression ‘virus’ and how to deal with it
Eating disorders
more from the library
Anorexia nervosa
Getting better, bit (e) by bit (e)
One life: hope, healing and inspiration on the path to recovery from eating disorders
more from the library
Talking back to OCD
Touch and go Joe
more from the library
Teen esteem
more from the library
Self-harm: the path to recovery
The truth about self-harm

For more information on Sorted! and details of other libraries taking part in the scheme, please click here.


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