Student art show draws crowds

The student art show at the Hinckley campus draws crowds to see works in all kinds of media, forms and appearances, including photography, metalwork, fashion design and musical performances.

It will be open until the end of the week.


VADS (Visual Arts Data Service)

VADS LogoVADS (Visual Arts Data Service) has recently been added to the library’s list of recommended e-resources. It is is an extensive online resource for visual arts. This site holds over 100,000 high quality digital images free for use in learning, teaching and research. The vast collection of images cover the following topic areas:

Applied arts
Fine arts

In the library at the Hinckley campus there is currently a wall display introducing VADS, along with a selection of free postcards. These are of images taken from the site – please help yourselves to them!

Public Catalogue Foundation

This year the Public Catlogue Foundation (PCF), a registered charity, has joined forces with the BBC to bring us Your Paintings, a unique website showcasing the entire collection of publicly owned oil paintings across the United Kingdom. It is has recently launched with 62,944 paintings currently available to view. They anticiape that there will be 20o,00o painintgs available by the end of 2012. click on the link to find out more and view the paintings.