Fantastic E-resources are just a mouse click away


The Library offers so much more than just books. Through us you can access E-books, streamed videos, magazine/journal archives and interactive videos and tutorials.

E-books are handy, especially if all the physical copies are out on loan. Browse our E-book collection to see what’s available for your course. Access the complete E-book collection here.

ClickView Online really is a treasure. Access recorded TV content and request programmes to be added to our College ClickView Library. Add video clips into Moodle and Powerpoint presentations, create interactive videos and presentations. Never used this? Need a demo? Pop in and see us!

Vogue Archive is a must for Fashion students and staff. Access the complete archive of American Vogue. Access through the library webpage under E-resources.

Check out our range of online archives here.

No password is needed to access in college. For off-campus access you will be asked to type in your normal college login details.

Any questions or problems? Email us – , phone us on extension 3263(Nuneaton),3405(Hinckley) or 7568(SLC) or pop in and see us. We are happy to help.


What’s new in ClickView: January 2015

ClickView is the college’s digital recording and streaming service. TV programmes are recorded on request and transferred into ClickView to be viewed as part of teaching and learning. It is a great way of utilising technology enhanced learning.

For a list of programmes added to ClickView last month, click here. To request a programme be recorded and transferred into ClickView simply contact the library.
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What’s new in ClickView – December 2014

ClickView is the college’s digital recording and streaming service. It brings a wealth of FreeView programmes straight to your computer or mobile device. ClickView is a great way of using technology in your teaching and learning – please feel free to request any programmes you think would be useful for your course.

Click here for a list of all programmes transferred into ClickView this term (September – December 2014).

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What’s new in ClickView: May 2014

CaptureClickView is the college’s online recording and streaming service, allowing television programmes to be used for teaching and learning. Click here for a list of new programmes transferred into ClickView during May 2014. Alternatively, there is also a list of all ClickView programmes.

To request a programme be added to ClickView, or to arrange a demonstration, please contact the library.

What’s new in ClickView: March and April 2014

More programmes have been added to ClickView! Click to see lists of new programmes added during March 2014 and April 2014.

Not sure what ClickView is?
ClickView is the college’s online recording and streaming service. A little like BBC iPlayer, ClickView stores TV programmes which may be streamed on demand. Anyone can request a programme be added to ClickView. Just let the library know what you’d like.

How do I access ClickView?
On campus – click the ClickView icon on your college computer desktop.
Off campus – Go to ClickView Online. You will need a username and password to log in and watch programmes. This is available from the library.
ClickView can be accessed on desktop computers, laptops and mobile devices.

How can I use ClickView?
Many programmes shown on TV are useful for teaching and learning purposes. They may be watched during lessons or set as homework to be watched at home. ClickView programmes can even be embedded into Moodle and PowerPoint presentations. If you’d like help with this please contact the library.

Not sure what to do?
Ask at the college library! We have leaflets, or you may want a one-to-one session. We are always happy to help!

To see previous posts about ClickView, click here.


What’s new in ClickView: February 2014

ClickView is a great way of utilising television content for learning and using technology during lessons. It is the college’s digital recording and streaming service, and works on a similar basis to BBC iPlayer.

For a list of programmes added during February 2014 please click hereProgrammes are available both on and off-campus, and remain in ClickView indefinitely (unlike BBC iPlayer where programmes expire after a set time period).

For more information about ClickView, to arrange a demonstration or request a programme, please contact the library.


What’s new in ClickView: November / December 2013

CaptureNew programmes are added to ClickView on a daily basis. For a list of TV programmes added during November / December 2013 click here.

Not sure what ClickView is?

It is the college’s digital video recording system. Like BBC iPlayer, it can stream recordings on-demand straight to your computer or mobile device. There are over 700 programmes stored in ClickView, all of which (unlike on BBC iPlayer) may be kept indefinitely.


Desktop icon

TV programmes can be a great way of keeping up-to-date with recent news or doing research at a relaxed pace.

On campus, ClickView Player may be accessed from the ClickView icon on your desktop. Off campus, ClickView Online may be accessed with a username and password (request password).

If you would like more information about ClickView, or to request a programme be added, please contact the library on email

ClickView – made even easier!

Searching for ClickView videos is now even easier than before!

ClickView is a digital video recording system (like iPlayer) that can stream recordings straight to your computer, iPhone or iPad. Previously, to find a ClickView video that interested you, you had to log in to the ClickView website in order to search through programmes available to NWHC students.

Not any longer! Recently, the library has added all of our ClickView videos to the online catalogue, meaning you can now search for them there as you normally would for other library resources. For information about ClickView or how to access it on your iPhone or iPad click here.

In addition to this, the library’s other online resources (subscription websites and academic databases etc) have been added to the online catalogue too. This means that the online catalogue really is a one-stop-shop for all library resources!