Exam Revision Tips

Exams will soon be upon us. Don’t panic! Revise as often as you can, and just try your best on the day. We have lots of exam resources to help you prepare.

Here’s some tips for exam revision.

1- Give yourself plenty of time to study everything you need to. Don’t wait until the last minute to get started.

2- Don’t cram too much revision in at one time. Take regular breaks whilst you are studying.

3- Set up a regular study group with classmates.

4- Practice on past exam papers.

5- Study somewhere quiet (with as few distractions as possible.)

6- Make sure you let your tutor know if you are struggling with any subjects.

7- Borrow exam resources from the Library to help you practice.


Exam Revision Support

Revision photoNeed some help with exam revision? Then look no further than the College Library. We have a range of books available to help you.

We also have past exam papers that you can look at in the Nuneaton campus Library.

Books can be borrowed for up to three weeks and can be renewed up to six times.