Sharing good practice: adverts on ClickView

When tutor Suzanne Sharples wanted to use ILT to engage her Foundation Learners, she found an innovative way of using ClickView videos in her lesson. Students chose their favourite TV adverts to watch and share with the group and afterwards discussed their relative merits.

All College staff and students can have 24/7 easy access to online digital video materials. If you want to use ClickView for teaching and learning, please ask library staff.




Sharing good practice

When tutor Claire Schofield needed material about prevention and control of infections for her health and social care course, nothing was found in printed books.  Library staff helped Claire to find a relevant chapter in an e-book, print it out and upload onto Moodle.

Her students will have 24/7 easy access to digital learning materials.  If you want to use e-books for teaching and learning, please ask library staff.

Students’ Work Published

 The final year students on the 2+2 Early Childhood studies programme have just published their research on ICT and Children. Tutor Lin Armstrong and college librarian Ihar Ivanou conciveved the idea of publishing a book of students’ work as an apt conclusion to the research  project carried out by the students.

Initally the project was to develop the student’s research skills and for many students this was the first experience of researching and writing on topics of acadmic interest. As the resulting research papers were so good it seemed only natural to take the project full circle and publish the papers as an exmple of emergent writing.

The book was produced through self publishing using the platform It is available for loan from the library and can be purchased from here.