Creative iPad use ideas from around the college


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Just over a year ago, the college library started offering iPads to staff and learners. They have become the most used library resource – over 1,000 loans of iPads in this academic year. Most recently, we have seen examples of creative use of the devices  in classrooms. We have asked tutors and support staff to share their experiences. Below, you’ll find some of them. This is not an exhaustive list: we know about iPads used for travel-related games and quizzes by Travel & Tourism tutors, “talking heads” projects by Early Years HE students and more.

For more ideas, see the JISC and James Clay’s blogs. Twelve iPads are available from the college library.

So, here is what our colleagues are saying:

Access to HE, Teacher Training T

I have used the iPads for two purposes: student research and for students to analyse the benefits of using iPads with young children (as part of their course). For the latter, I arranged for specific apps to be uploaded; otherwise students have used Google or specific websites. I have found the iPads very useful both with part-time and full-time learners, and hope to use them again next year.

Arts Tutor

iPads have been used for researching theoretical and practical dance projects. We used Google, YouTube, and various other search engines.

Arts Tutor

I used them for a life drawing class. I had Adobe Ideas temporarily installed which was a really good drawing app and the students found it easy to use. The only issue was that we had mostly the small ones [iPad Minis] which were a bit small to draw on, compared to the larger iPads; also, there were only a couple of the pens available, so we used our fingers. Another issue was that it was not possible to print from them; we had to email the image, then print from that. I will use them again definitely; I could also use them in my photography class I think. Continue reading


iPads in the College Library

Kelly Coles using an iPad during her career advice session

Kelly Coles using an iPad during her career advice session

Last spring, the college library, supported by the College’s innovation fund, started a project of introducing tablet devices for supporting classroom-based and independent learning in the college.

Tablets are a new kind of technology and it is not yet clear what are the best ways of using them in education. The purpose of the project is to learn what tutors and learners will do with the tablets; then evaluate their appropriateness for teaching and learning, as well as to identify the barriers and problems related to their use.

The six iPads purchased for the project have become the most used resource offered by the library. Within the first two months alone they had been borrowed 170 times, with 85% of overall loans by students and 15% by tutors.

The iPads are mostly used in classrooms for research where learning involves a lot of interaction and change of activities. For example, Performing Arts students very quickly switched from laptops to iPads for use in their studio. Students have been using tablets for taking photos, making videos, editing photo and video content, and taking interviews for their research
projects. Continue reading

iPads have arrived!

Six iPads have arrived in the college libraries at Hinckley and Nuneaton. They may be borrowed by anyone for upto four hours or – by teaching staff – for a duration of a class or project.

In the next couple of weeks, different apps and accessories (cables, connectors etc.) will be purchased. There will be plenty of science, graphic design, music, photography and fine art apps, so the iPads could be used for revision and projects.

Pop in to the library to play and learn!