Summer Holidays 2015 – Plan, Discover & Indulge with us!

Summer Hols 2015 Final Display









If you’ve not planned your Summer Holidays yet, there are loads of resources in the college Library to help you. From our newly-expanded Travel Guide section (Shelf Mark: 900-999), to Language books (400-499), Travel and Tourism (338), Customs and Folklore (390-399), Philosophy and Religion (200-299) and even Arts, Architecture and Photography (Hinckley Campus: 700-799), we should have pretty much everything covered… Apart from booking flights, car parking and transfers of course!

Absolute gems include:

Rough Guides – ‘First Time Around the World’, ‘Spain’, ‘Greek Islands’ + lots more

DK Eyewitness – ‘Italian Lakes’, ‘Canary Islands’, ‘French-English Visual Bilingual Dictionary’ + lots more

Lonely Planet – ‘Europe on a Shoestring’, ‘Malta & Gozo’ + lots more

Collins Discovery World Atlas

Tourist Attractions & Events of the World

The Guardian Green Travel Guide

Instant – ‘Italian’, ‘Spanish’, ‘Greek

To discover what we have on-shelf, check out:

Don’t forget we also have a boatload of other resources such as e-books, magazines, ClickView, and DVDs to help you choose your ideal holiday destination!


Library catalogue receives recognition

The library has had some good news this month…

Heritage screenshotI.S. Oxford is the company which supports our library management system. (In non library-jargon, that’s the software we use to loan out resources and perform searches.) They have recently approached us about our online catalogue, asking if they may include it as an example of good practice on their website.

There are hundreds of libraries which use the same system as us, and we are now one of just 29 to be featured on the I.S. Oxford website. Since the link to our catalogue went live, we’ve had several compliments and enquiries from other libraries about how we customised and constructed the catalogue.

We are thrilled to receive this positive recognition, but our online catalogue is primarily intended to be used by NWHC teaching staff and learners. If you need help using it, or have any ideas how we can further support your teaching and learning, please contact us. Alternatively, click here for a short guide to making the most of the online catalogue.

ClickView – made even easier!

Searching for ClickView videos is now even easier than before!

ClickView is a digital video recording system (like iPlayer) that can stream recordings straight to your computer, iPhone or iPad. Previously, to find a ClickView video that interested you, you had to log in to the ClickView website in order to search through programmes available to NWHC students.

Not any longer! Recently, the library has added all of our ClickView videos to the online catalogue, meaning you can now search for them there as you normally would for other library resources. For information about ClickView or how to access it on your iPhone or iPad click here.

In addition to this, the library’s other online resources (subscription websites and academic databases etc) have been added to the online catalogue too. This means that the online catalogue really is a one-stop-shop for all library resources!

Online catalogue – revamped!

The eagle-eyed of you will have noticed that Heritage, the online catalogue, has undergone a bit of a revamp lately. The online catalogue is available 24/7 and gives you access to your library account from home. It also allows you to search library resources.

The new changes make the online catalogue more user-friendly, providing links to information you need at your fingertips. Here is a rundown of the changes:

Online catalogue

A: The title of the catalogue has been simplified and now says exactly what it is.
B: The Quick Links menu now provides shortcuts to non-book resources. Why not try something new?
C: The log-in process has been simplified.
D: The opening times are listed for the libraries at Atherstone, Hinckley and Nuneaton.
E: Links to the library’s social media accounts are listed. Why not follow us on Twitter or Facebook?
F: A direct email link to the library has been added, making enquiries even easier.
G: The telephone numbers are listed for the libraries at Atherstone, Hinckley and Nuneaton.
Plus, the overall colour scheme has been altered to green, bringing it in line with NWHC colours.

We hope these new functions will enhance your experiences of using the online catalogue. If you can think of any other way we could improve it, please let us know! For information on how to use the online catalogue click here.