Survey of Photocopying and Scanning

CLA Survey posterStarting 15 April, for the following six weeks the Copyright Licencing Agency (CLA) will carry out its survey of photocopying and scanning of the licenced materials in our college.

This will involve only staff, not learners. You will see yellow boxes next to all MFDs in public areas; they will remind you of the survey.

CLA Survey – why?
This is a routine event happening once every few years. It allows the CLA to determine the correct amount it pays the authors of books and magazines we use as part of our professional duties. The college pays an annual licence fee to CLA; in return staff and students are allowed to scan and photocopy from books and magazines without the prior publishers’ permission (within certain parameters).

For more on the CLA licence, see

What to do?
You will see yellow boxes next to all MFDs (which we normally call printers or photocopiers).

There will be posters and leaflets explaining what to do when we:

  • copy or scan
  • from books or magazines
  • but not from newspapers or other types of publications.

We will be asked to:

  • scan the barcode on the book back cover or
  • magazine title
  • attach a sticker provided
  • fill few details in
  • drop the sheet into the yellow box.

Need help or want to know more?
The survey is co-ordinated by the Library and Reprographics. Please invite us to visit your team meetings with a quick demonstration and Q&As.
Contacts Library:, ext. 3263 (Nuneaton), 3705 (Hinckley).
Contact Reprographics:, ext. 3151.


New Colour Copier in Hinckley

The library at Hinckley is pleased to announce that our black and white copier/printer has now been replaced by a colour Multi Functional Device (MFD). Thank you for all your comments regarding the need for a colour copier/printer in the library as they provided us with the support required for our request to be successful.

Now there will be no need to trek up to the first floor (or higher) to print your work, and no need to borrow items just to copy a few pages on the colour copier upstairs. There are some small differences with the new colour copier/printer. It is a Multi Functional Device, so you need to select which function you wish to use:

  • to print work select ‘Uniflow’ 
  • to photocopy select ‘Copy’
  • to scan select ‘Scan and Send’
  • remember to select ‘Colour Printer’ on when sending documents to print from your computer

When you are copying from library resources, please be aware of the copyright and licensing agreements, copies of which are attached to all MFDs in the college. As always, the library staff welcome any questions or queries, and if you need some help, just ask.

Small effort, good result

When the new photocopiers were installed in the Library, we thought that placing a desk next to them would be handy. Many people have already told us that the desk is really useful when photocopying lots of different documents. And some of you love sitting on it while waiting for friends to collect their printouts.

Did you know the photocopiers in the Library are the most used
in the whole College?

Copying from books and magazines: the CLA Licence

The CLA Licence – of which the College is user – covers photocopying, scanning and retyping of fragments of books, magazines and journals. (Newspapers are covered by a different license and some conditions differ from the CLA Licence)

In addition to photocopying, the following is permitted under the CLA License:

  • scanning extracts from books, journals and magazines published in the United Kingdom;
  • retyping extracts from licensed material onto a computer;
  • storage on a secure network, e.g. on Moodle if the course is protected with an enrolment key;
  • using digital copies in presentation software, e.g. PowerPoint;
  • sending copies by fax or email to the current learners and staff;
  • using digital copies supplied by the British Library.

Under the conditions of the license, learners and staff may photocopy, scan, fax etc. up to 5% or one chapter of a book whichever is greater, or one article from a magazine.


  • the copies may be shared only with the current learners and members of staff;
  • no repetitive copying is allowed, i.e. if one chapter of a book has been copied, no other chapters from the same book can be copied for the same course;
  • digital copies should be uploaded on Moodle courses with an enrolment key and removed once the course is over;
  • copies can be made from the publications purchased by the College, e.g. the college Library, not from personal copies;
  • excluded works, i.e. publications from some countries and publisher and by some authors cannot be copied without their written permission.

Help available:

  • On request, Library staff can scan the required fragments and send them by email to tutors or make them available on the Library Moodle page.

For more, please see the Copyright Licensing Agency website, explanatory leaflet (pdf) and user guidelines (pdf).